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FE Y ALEGRIA: Our Adopted School in PeruRegistration Information

The echo of “We Are One World” rang throughout the hallways of our school during Catholic Schools Week 2003. Although the music isn’t heard as often now, the beat of compassion continues in our PJPII students!

Our students continue to MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

Our adopted “sister” school, Fe Y Alegria continues to benefit from the charitable works of both the Congregation of Christian Brothers and the students and families of PJPII Catholic School. In the 2003-2004 school year the students of PJPII worked fastidiously and collected over $3000.00 to send to Peru. These much need funds were appreciated by the principal of Fe Y Alegria, Brother Ramirez, as well as Br. Sullo, the Director of the Peace & Justice Mission at the Congregation of Christian Brothers. Each year we set our goal a bit higher.

The generosity of the students and parents helps us achieve our goal. Come and celebrate our desire to help those in need!

Our mission to help Fe Y Alegria doesn’t end with assistance toward their economic difficulties – that is just a small part of the bigger picture. The students communicate with their new friends through writings, pictures and most importantly, PRAYER! The students and families of Fe Y Alegria are remembered in our petitions and classroom prayers. They also pray for our students and families. It’s the most they can give and it’s worth more than anything money can buy!

For more information, call (352) 746-2020.

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